Live At Joe Joe Jims – 6 Bands, 14 Tracks CD


A compilation CD of some of the live performance highlights from Joe Joe Jims featuring 6 bands and 14 tracks (all recorded live at Joe Joe Jims) including Vincent Flatts Final Drive, Arcadia Roots, The Rockbottoms and more …

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CD Track Listing:

01. Where You Gonna run To? (Arcadia Roots)

02. Workin’ For A Livin’ (Vincent Flatts Final Drive)

03. Statesboro Blues (Vincent Flatts Final Drive)

04. Shout the Blues (Paul Bridgewater & the Electric Blues Rebellion)

05. I Just Wanna Make Love to You (Paul Bridgewater & the Electric Blues Rebellion)

06. Bring on the Storm (The New Arkansans)

07. With a Little Help from my Friends (The New Arkansans)

08. Disaster in Chief (The New Arkansans)

09. Little Red Rooster (Matt Woosey)

10. Too Much Alcohol (Matt Woosey)

11. Last Train But One (The Rockbottoms)

12. The Day We Caught the Train (The Rockbottoms)

13. Lose My Mind (Arcadia Roots)

14. Save Me [Jam] (Arcadia Roots)