Keep tuned folks! We’ve finally launched Joe Joe Jims Podcasts which will be the place to find interviews, live concert recordings, music and much more … all presented in a ‘rustic’ Joe Joe Jims style. You can play the shows as much as you like and also download them to keep should you so wish: keep checking back as we’ll be adding new episodes on a suitably erratic basis.

Episode 04 – Spotlight on Dave Small

Joe Joe Jims Radio - Episode 04: Spotlight on Dave Small

In this episode, Fletch turns the spotlight on  multi-instrumentalist and singer Dave Small about his extensive career in music and his early inspirations  and influences with selected tracks from Pink Floyd, The Police & Donovan along with some of his own work & a live performance from Arcadia Roots.

Dave has worked extensively with a wide-range of artists as a drummer and percussionist but is probably best know to followers of Joe Joe Jims as front man with Arcadia Roots and for his solo performances over the years along with work with Dave Onions and as drummer with the Mat Woosey Band.

Episode 03 – Fletch’s Cornucopia of Classic Comedy!

Episode 03 - Fletch's Cornucopia of Classic Comedy!

At times like these we all need a bit of cheering up, right? Well, fortunately Fletch has risen to the challenge as chief funny bone tickler on this latest episode of Joe Joe Jims Radio.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy this cornucopia of classics comedy clips and musical interludes as Fletch takes you down the rabbit hole of rare eclectic tracks from the Rolling Stones to Telly Savalas with Benny Hill, Monty Python and Jasper Carrott plus many more rib ticklers en route … unbelievably, it’s even more fun than bashing two bricks together!

Episode 02 – Spotlight on Steve Ajao & the Blues Giants (Pt.1)

Episode 02 – Spotlight on Steve Ajao (Pt.1)

Part 1 of a two-part profile of legendary blues guitarist and jazz saxophonist Steve Ajao and his work with the Steve Ajao Blues Giants in which he talks about his career in music and shares tracks from artists that inspired and influenced him.

Steve’s career in music started back in the mid-1960s when, at aged 13, his dad recruited the young guitarist to join his band playing soul, R&B and early reggae, together with a smattering of blues, in clubs and dances all over the UK at weekends! Alongside experienced musicians Pete Hammond and Mike Hatton, the Blues Giants have carved out a great live reputation over the years.

Episode 01 – Spotlight on Steve ‘Bertie’ Burton

Steve 'Bertie' Burton Interview

Steve ‘Bertie’ Burton has enjoyed a career in music stretching over 50 years, coming to prominence with ‘NWOBHM’ stalwarts the Starfighters (along with a stint with Birmingham’s Cryer) on the release of their debut LP, Bertie has gone on to front The Fabulous E Numbers and is currently belting out the blues with Vincent Flatts Final Drive.

In this first episode of Joe Joe Jims Radio, Fletch interviews Birmingham music legend Steve ‘Bertie’ Burton on his life in music and Bertie goes on to talk us through his top 10 tracks by artists that influenced him throughout his career.