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Grab a Pizza the Action!

Joe Joe Jims Pizza Kitchen Nearly There!

To the untrained eye, this may look like a photo of Fletch looking perplexed. However, it actually forms part of an exciting new development at Joe Joe Jims and a Competition … of sorts!

What you actually are witnessing is the master of all he surveys, Fletch,  surveying the closing stages of the new kitchen at Joe Joe Jims – one that will be soon providing our guests with some great hot food including, but not limited to, PIZZA.

However, we were struggling for a name for the new kitchen/food area and the idea of putting it out to our guests and friends for suggestions came to mind.

As with everything at Joe Joe Jims, nothing’s ever as simple as it seems and so the process is that Fletch has already thought of a name but won’t tell anyone what it is. We want YOU to try and guess what the name is and if you impress Fletch with a name better than the one he has in his head then he may roll with that name.  Guess the name he has in his head and what happens next is a little vague … ask him and I’m sure he’ll tell you.

So, what are you waiting for? Send in your suggestions now via our Contact page, email us at or hit us up on Facebook.

Good luck!

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