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All the World’s a Stage at Joe Joe Jims

New Stage at Joe Joe Jims

It may not have escaped the attention of recent visitors to Joe Joe Jims that there has been some restructuring going on over the past couple of weeks.

Well, those works were completed last week and the fruit of our labours was put to the test Saturday night when we hosted a charity night featuring the excellent Vincent Flatts Easily Led … seen above in full flight.

We’ve expanded the ‘gig’ area of the venue and created a new stage area which provides a much better audience experience, compared to the previous configuration, with greater line of sight of the stage and eases congestion around the bar area too … something we’d spotted as a bit of an issue previously.

Other plans are afoot for developments too but are apparently on a ‘need to know’ basis … and I assume I don’t ‘need to know’ but once Fletch tells me, you’ll hear it here first!

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