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Retro Fun & Games

With a century of experience in providing fun and entertainment for visitors to the Lickey Hills in South Birmingham, we’ve certainly got it covered when it comes to games and with a rich collection of retro games to choose from, there’s is always something new appearing at Joe Joe Jim’s Bar to bring back memories and enjoy playing.

Retro Video Games

We have a lot of love for retro video games at Joe Joe Jim’s Bar – over the years we’ve seen them develop from classics like Space Invaders and Pac-Man in the 1970s and early 1980’s through driving game gems like Sega Rally and Daytona USA.

With our focus being on all things ‘retro’ in the games world you will find a great sleection of video games here to bring memories back to the more ‘mature’ of guests and provide a taste of the history of video gaming to those who missed-out on the early years.

To keep things fresh, we rotate and add/retire video games over time too so keep popping-in to see what’s on offer and keep an eye on our Blog too as we’ll let you know the latest arrivals from our collection when they’re ready to play!

Retro Video Game Space Invaders
Classic Arcade Games - Addams Family Pinball

Classics Arcade Games

Whilst video games have taken the headlines over recent years, there are many classic games that have entertained visitors to arcades over the years that have always proven popular … and still do to this day!

We are fortunate to have a great collection of games stretching back over many different eras of arcade entertainment that we’re can’t wait for our guests to discover.

Can you push coins past their tipping point to win Key Rings on one of our Classic Coin Pushers … how about finding out if you’re a ‘Pinball Wizard’? We’re even planning to ‘Put Back In’ our original ‘Elephants Treasure Trove’ machine that lots of our now young at heart customers tell us they remember as the only machines they remember! Come to Joe Joe Jim`s Bar and reminisce with a drink … and remember it doesn’t have to be alcoholic. Oh, and did you know we have Pick and Mix?

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