News | Joe Joe Jim's Bar - Part 5

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Following many months of the vigorous use of power tools and being up to our knees in sawdust, Joe Joe Jims Bar is now officially open for business!

With a relaxing, rustic interior we’ve created a great place to enjoy a few drinks and socialise with friends with the added attraction of a great selection of retro games available to play and – coming soon – our Crazy Crazy golf Course (we can’t emphasise the ‘Crazy’ enough).

So, what do our guests get to enjoy at Joe Joe Jims Bar?

  • A great selection of beers, wines and spirits hand-picked from a great selection of craft breweries and local suppliers – as well as a few ‘big names’ – along with a range of non-alcoholic drinks such as juices, Cola and a particular favourite of ours, Dalstons Ginger Beer.
  • A great selection of retro games that are sure to bring back a few happy memories for our more mature guests as well as being a great way for our slightly less mature guests to discover the history of video and arcade games and amusements.
  • Then there’s our Crazy Crazy Golf – not quite ready for action as we speak but work is frantically going-on with a provisional launch in February 2018.
  • Everyone loves Pick ‘n’ Mix right? Well, we’ve got that covered too!

So, we are looking forward to seeing new faces at Joe Joe Jims Bar and, of course, are looking forward to welcoming those we know from Fletchers Arcade who are looking for a new experience … or just a natter and a drink or two!