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Pizza Appreciation Society

The annual Joe Joe Jims Pizza Appreciation Society AGM looks to have been a jolly affair!

In actual fact, and joking aside, this photo actually provides evidence of a new development at Joe Joe Jims that I’m not really allowed to divulge at the moment … suffice to say that if you see Fletch, don’t mention it!

However, news will soon be forthcoming that we’re sure you’ll all love to hear and will help make evenings with us even more enjoyable … if that’s possible!

Watch this space.

Steptoe & Son Live Review

We just thought we’d share our thanks to musical duo Steptoe & Son for providing us, and our guests, with a great Saturday night of music on 1st September.

The set consisted of classic after classic – with a couple of deep cuts thrown in – from the likes of the Jam, Pink Floyd, Crosby Stills & Nash, Dolly Parton (indeed, yes, that one!) and many others … we did even spot some of our guests having a dance at certain points.

So, thanks chaps for a great night and for those of you who weren’t there, or were but can’t remember it (you know who you are) … or indeed for those who wish to refresh your memory, please checkout a short clip of the boys performing Jolene by the aforementioned Ms Parton on our YouTube Channel: HERE


Joe Joe Jims Pizza Kitchen Nearly There!

To the untrained eye, this may look like a photo of Fletch looking perplexed. However, it actually forms part of an exciting new development at Joe Joe Jims and a Competition … of sorts!

Number 1 Crazy Golf Course in the World!

We always knew our Crazy Crazy Golf was, well, crazy but now it’s been officially confirmed!

Richard & Emily began their 829-course Crazy World of Mini-Golf World Tour in 2006 and have just visited Joe Joe Jims and, well the video speaks for itself, but they ranked Joe Joe Jims as the number 1 “most ludicrous course we’ve visited since 2006 … truly crazy, crazy golf” and we are truly honoured!

Anyway, watch the video to get the full low-down on the world-beating Crazy Crazy Golf experience enjoyed by Richard & Emily … and spot Fletch too!

August Gin Promotion

Well, the weather’s scorching hot (well, at the time of writing this) and what we all need is to relax with a nice, cold drink … we that’s where we come in!

For the month of August we’re running our Gin Fest whereby you can enjoy two double-gins for only £10.00 with a choice of 12 of our carefully hand-picked gins to choose from: well, what are you waiting for?